Advantages of vertical polyethylene tanks

Advantages of vertical polyethylene tanks

Polycon Gulf has all that you need in vertical polyethylene tanks. We have a range of assortments and sizes that fit your needs. Our tanks are renowned for their quality, dependability, and exceptional performance. These are leak-proof and come in non-permeable designs, making water storage extremely sustainable.

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Vertical tanks are made from thick, high-density polyethylene, have greater width, and are installed ‘standing up.’ Open areas and high-altitude indoor settings can significantly benefit from vertical tanks. Customers can choose these from a range of available options from us. 

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Polyethylene tanks can be classified according to their layers – single, two, three, or four. Single-layers are often used for liquids other than water due to their increased resistance. Tanks with three to four layers inhibit the growth of algae and provide protection from direct sunlight.

 Features and Benefits of Vertical Tanks

At Polycon Gulf, all our tanks are made from food-grade polyethylene that safeguards the contents against fungal and bacterial infestation. Here are some more features:

·        Available in a range of varieties and sizes

·        Flawlessly integrated for construction

·        Ideal for storing a variety of liquids, including water

·        Easy portability and high operability due to its lightweight

·        Does not alter the color, fragrance, or flavor of the water

·        Capacity to withstand liquids of high temperature

·        Leak-proof operations

·        Can be used in both hot and cold climates

 The Benefits are myriad as well -

·        Vertical tanks come with unparalleled advantages.

·        Highly robust, resistant, and can withstand impacts

·        Demonstrated resistance to aqueous solutions

·        High heat and cold tolerance

·        Resilient in damp situations; does not collect rust

·        Cost-effective carriage, labor, ethylene metal bridge tank installations, and more

·        Environment-friendly – recyclable, reproducible

·        Install on the ground, at a height, and underground

·        Drilling, cutting, and connector installations made easy

Generally, vertical tanks can maintain a variety of liquids, and that is why they are used in several industries, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, petrochemicals, and others.

Important points

When you buy a vertical polyethylene tank, always look for a reliable provider. You must select your product according to its usage, location, size, industry, and access restrictions. The tanks must also conform to the standards and permits of the region.

Polycon Gulf has a long history of providing some of the best and most trustworthy vertical tanks in the UAE. Reach out to us for more information.