Choosing the Polyethylene Horizontal Storage Tank

Choosing the Polyethylene Horizontal Storage Tank

Polycon Gulf brings a range of tanks, including the horizontal storage tank, suitable for various situations - It is popularly used in agriculture, where fertilisers, chemicals, water, and other liquids like pest control solutions are typically transported and stored in these horizontal tanks.

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Since they are smaller, they can be moved and installed easily. They are generally mounted on trucks, tractors, and skids to be transported from one location to another. Furthermore, they may be installed on specialised equipment at a facility. Businesses primarily prefer horizontal tanks due to the ease of their transportation. However, the tanks are also employed in fixed locations, where space and height constraints determine the need for such gear.

Some salient features of the horizontal tank are:

·        Sturdy, made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene

·        Lightweight material facilitates mobility

·        Best used in areas where there are height limitations

·        Preferred choice for smaller applicator tanks



Undoubtedly, there are several reasons to use horizontal tanks. But the primary ones are as follows.



Several factories and facilities have height restrictions. Horizontal storage containers solve installation issues in these areas since they fit into tiny to medium-sized spaces.

Besides, since horizontal tanks are flat, they use a lesser surface area and ensure smooth transfer of liquids.



Horizontal tanks also lower transportation expenses. The reservoirs ensure better liquid flow, thus making them more affordable. Similarly, you don’t have to hire too much labour to handle the horizontal tank because it is light in weight, saving on worker costs.



Commonly used in the beverage and agricultural industries, horizontal reservoirs are the preferred choice to store liquids such as water and chemicals. Their shape and design make mobility extremely easy.

Temperature Control

Considering tanks are used in various industries, temperature control is a deciding factor in their choice. The horizontal tank's orientation, shape, and sturdiness help store cool or hot liquids. You can also achieve essential temperature control during conveyance.  

Low maintenance

For instance, the tank’s walls are smooth and do not retain chemical residues. With no frequent build-up, the tanks require minimal maintenance, lowering operational downtimes.

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Variety in Polyethylene Horizontal Tanks

Horizontal tanks are available in various sizes and styles. However, flat leg tanks and standard horizontal tanks with metal legs are extremely popular.

Horizontal leg tanks have in-built legs to prevent the tank from rolling and are excellent for those who work with a budget because no metal is involved. Stability is achieved by securing the tanks with metal stands on a saddle or skid. Full tank drainage is achieved quickly because liquid flows freely without being trapped in the crevices.

Polycon uses advanced technology to manufacture horizontal tanks designed to meet the needs of our customers. Additionally, these are meticulously tested for quality before being released into the market. You can rely on our experts to find the right horizontal tank for you.