Different types of water storage tanks and how they are used

Different types of water storage tanks and how they are used

Water storage tanks allow us to preserve water for multiple purposes. Water storage is not as simple as you think. There are different types of water storage tanks that are made from different materials and are used for different needs. 

Here are some of the commonly used water storage tanks—

  1. Underground Tanks: these underground tanks are rotationally molded from FDA approved UV stabilized polyethylene. They are also known as septic tanks and are designed to withstand earth pressures that would normally crack traditional tanks. These tanks are characterized by extra strength and stability and do not corrode even without a protective coating. Underground tanks are perfect when saving space is deemed important. 

  2. Steel Tanks: these tanks are known for being economical, long-lasting and versatile. These steel tanks are used for various applications like— fire suppression, industrial process water, or rainwater collection tanks.

  3. Pillow Tanks: these tanks are a unique solution for re-usable temporary storage. They are truly versatile and are less expensive than other types of tanks. They can hold potable or wastewater, can be easily set up by one person, and are customizable.

  4. Folding Tanks: these tanks are another great option for portable water storage. Folding tanks can be moved or setup in really less time. Since these tanks collapse to be much smaller they can be easily transported to any type of area; making it ideal for firefighting situations or remote areas

It is important that you find out what type of water storage tank you need for your needs. At Polycon Gulf Ltd, our experts can help put together a comprehensive water storage tank selection guide and help you select a water storage tank that’s the best to meet your requirements. 

Polycon Gulf Tanks can be used in a variety of different applications, including drinking water storage and rainwater collection. Types of tanks include above ground tanks, mobile tanks, wastewater tanks, and others.

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